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The Essex County Pharmacists’ Association is a local voluntary organization that has been representing Windsor-area pharmacists for over 75 years. We are the voice of over 220 practicing pharmacists and pharmacy students, sharing views, promoting public health, and advancing the pharmacy profession for Southwestern Ontario. We are a dynamic organization committed to the well-being of our community. All Essex County pharmacists are university-trained health professionals. We are registered with the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and have completed examinations, allowing us to practice pharmacy in Ontario”


Objective of ECPA

  • To conserve, promote and improve the mutual interest of the public and profession of pharmacy in Essex County.
  • To encourage and promote improvement in public health.
  • To maintain a Code of Ethics which will assure a high standard of moral and professional conduct for member pharmacists in professional relations with the public, allied professions, and fellow pharmacists.
  • To promote the continuing education of the pharmacists of Essex County.
  • To cooperate with all pharmaceutical, scientific, medical, dental, and trade associations which have similar objectives to those of this association.
  • To so organize the activity of the Association that the members become well acquainted with each other and to encourage social and sports activities to further this objective.

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