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Pharmacists have hashed out a strategy they hope will put an end to a rash of robberies in the past few months. With the help of police, pharmacists plan to teach each other how to identify when they’re being cased out by would-be robbers. They also plan to take steps to improve store layouts to deter the attacks. The ideas came from a meeting Thursday evening between police and members of the Essex County Pharmacists Association. Association president Heather Foley praised the meeting and the outcome. “You expect things to, hopefully, go OK and we knocked it out of the park,” she said. “Last night set a real foundation for how this is going to be an incredibly valuable relationship.” More solutions More ...

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Local pharmacists launch discussion to prevent robberies image

In order to combat drug store robberies, local pharmacists are taking matters into their own hands. Pharmacists met with Windsor police and the OPP on Thursday for the first time to discuss ways to prevent robberies by people looking for cash and drugs. “Everyone deserves to be safe at work,” said Heather Foley, president of Essex County Pharmacists Association. “Going to work and feeling there is a risk and feeling there is no one protecting you from that risk, that is not OK.” The frequency of robberies throughout the region has many local pharmacists worried. On May 17, Windsor’s Hunter Pharmacy was robbed at gunpoint after two men ordered five employees to the ground before stealing narcotics and taking off. Hearing ...

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Pharmacists Work With Police To Prevent Crime image

The Essex County Pharmacists Association have partnered up with Windsor Police and the OPP to discuss strategies on how to enhance safety and prevent crimes at local pharmacies. The organizations held a workshop Thursday for pharmacy workers to discuss how safe local pharmacists are and what they can do to help prevent themselves from being robbed. President of the Essex County Pharmacists Association Heather Foley says violence against pharmacists is an issue that needs more attention. She says it is important for local pharmacies and law enforcement to work closer together. She says it is important for the local pharmacist community to stand up for themselves. “Pharmacists need to come together and stand up for ourselves in this situation,” said ...

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Drug addicts targeting Windsor area pharmacies image

Pharmacists in the Windsor region are regularly being robbed as drug addicts desperately look to score on cash and drugs. Mike Belisle recalled a recent incident in May when two men barged into his east-end pharmacy, jumped up over the counter and told everyone to hit the floor. One of the men ran around flaunting a gun in people’s faces, while both demanded cash and looked for drugs, explained Belisle, owner of Hunter’s Pharmacy. The frequency of robberies throughout the region has put owners on high alert, with many of them meeting with police to discuss possible solutions. Belisle had read about other pharmacies getting hit. “We were lucky for the longest time,” he said. “It was just one of ...

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